Categories on Ask Fedora

Categories on Ask Fedora are set up to aid in the organisation of topics. These are not mutually exclusive, and it is left up to the user to choose an appropriate category for their topic.

Categories are either common to all users, or translated to support a particular language that the community decides to support.

Common Categories

The categories that are common to all users are:

  • Start here!: category explain how to get the best out of the forum.

  • Community related discussions: for community related queries.

    • on Contributing to Fedora: for queries related to joining the Fedora community.

  • Site feedback: to provide suggestions and report issues to the forum staff.

  • Lounge: default category only available to users of a certain trust level.

  • Staff: default category only available to Staff.

How the site is organized?

The troubleshooting related categories are translated to aid users.

The top level categories are specific to the language used for the discussions.

  • Level 1 are the language for the specific categories.

  • The level 2 categories (translated in every supported language) are:

    • discussions about using Fedora

    • discussions about installing or upgrading Fedora

the sub-categories are identical for all supported languages, and these are where you should post your questions/discussions. Please use these for anything all that you’d like to discuss/ask/share.

Adding a Category (Level-1)

New Language or Categories may be added by administrator when the comunity needed to open a New Language.

  • Admin: Create the category and adds a description using using the provided translations.

  • Admin: sets the permissions of the sub-category to ensure that everyone can Create/Reply/See it.

The new category generally, the top level category, It is there for organisation.

  • Admin: should tick, post here need moderation atention.

Adding a new sub-category (Level-2)

New sub-categories may be added by administrators when needed.

Is the sub-category is common to all languages:

  • Admin: Creates the new sub-category.

  • Admin: Updates the description to ensure that the use of the sub-category is clearly explained.

If the new sub-category requires translation, it must be created for each language that is supported by the community.

This requires extra steps :

  • Admin: contacts moderators for all supported languages and requests that they provide translations for the sub-category name and description.

  • Moderators: provide requested translations.

  • Admin: creates the sub-category and adds a description using the provided translations.

  • Admin: sets the permissions of the sub-category to ensure that everyone can create/reply/see it.

The descriptions for all categories create a "About the SUB-CATEGORY-NAME" topic.


  • Admin: request all moderators to check the newly created categories.

Some Additional settings for adding new languages

And finally not minus important, some additional settings for adding a new languages.

  • Update the wiki Ask Fedora Guidelines with the new language to include, Please use English wiki as a Template.

  • Add a TOPIC in "Start here!" Category explain how to get the best out of the forum in the new language. Use English TOPIC as Template.

The default language on discourse is English but user can changes this setting in their profile, before doing that, please check Transifex, If you find that your language is not translated well, can use the site in english and type in your own language…​