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Development Tools

Gold has been moved to its own package

Google LLC decided not to continue development of the gold linker. As a result its code may start to bit-rot. Therefore the linker has been moved into its own sub-package of the binutils package, in Fedora 31. This change is a precautionary measure, in case in the future Fedora decides that gold should be deprecated.

LLD has been added as update-alternatives option for LD

Users are able to use the update-alternatives utility to create a symbolic link from the /usr/bin/ld file to /usr/bin/lld. This change effectively allows the lld utility to act as the system linker. The aim is to make it easier for users to integrate lld into their projects.

Users can try lld with their projects by running update-alternatives --set ld /usr/bin/lld. No modifications to the existing build systems are required.