Community Operations Team (CommOps)

The Fedora community consists of members from a wide variety of backgrounds, people from any number of different domains who possess varying levels of experience and technical proficiencies. Fedora needs to be aligned with how technology, rights, equality, diversity, and freedom advocacy are being undertaken across our project and community. Fedora CommOps will be an umbrella organization to unite our community outreach efforts. Fedora Join, Advocates, Ambassadors, Ambassador Emeritus will all fall under the umbrella of the CommOps team to ensure they receive the support they need. This will vary team to team.

The CommOps team provides tools, resources, and utilities for different sub-projects of Fedora to improve effective communication. The activity of this team fluctuates, but there are always some facilities running, such as maintenance of the Community Blog.

Where to find CommOps

The CommOps team uses a Discourse forum and IRC channel to communicate.

The Discourse forum is best for asynchronous communication. This means it is best for questions or topics that someone may respond to later. It is better for longer, threaded discussions.

The CommOps IRC channel on the IRC network is best for synchronous communication. This means it is best for quick feedback, like in a conversation. It is helpful for real-time discussions or getting someone’s attention. Additionally, the CommOps IRC channel is bridged to a Telegram group, if Telegram is more convenient.

Discourse forum

IRC channel

#fedora-commops on

Telegram group

@fedoracommops on Telegram

First time using IRC? Look into Riot, a free and open source client that connects to various IRC networks. Riot also keeps you connected to IRC even when you’re not connected to the Internet.


CommOps uses a ticket-based workflow to keep track of our work. The repository with tickets is found on Tickets are found under the Issues menu.

Various tags are listed at the top of the Issues page. For good beginner tasks, look at the good first issue tag.


The CommOps team is not currently running a regular meeting.

Past meeting minutes are recorded in Meetbot.