Getting a Fedora package in EPEL

The procedure for getting a package in EPEL

If you are already a Fedora contributor, for your own package use the standard procedures for requesting a new branch using fedpkg request-branch.

Otherwise, if you’d like to see a Fedora package in EPEL that is not yet available, check Fedora’s [ ] or Bugzilla and look up who owns the package in Fedora. At this point, the requestor should do the following:

  1. Look to see if there are any existing tickets for this package to be branched into EPEL. This can help find if there are problems on why it can’t be done. (this may be due to package requirements in upstream RHEL are too old, or some other dependency problem).

  2. Send an email to the maintainer to see if they could make a branch of the package for EPEL. They can use the email in template 1 or something similar.

If the Fedora maintainer of the package has indicated a desire not to participate in EPEL, then the requestor can do one of the following:

  1. If the requestor is a Fedora approved packager and believes they can maintain the package in EPEL, they can open a ticket in under the package for the current maintainer to make the branch with the requestor as the maintainer of that branch.

  2. If the requestor is not a packager, then they should look to see if someone is available on the EPEL development list to take over the package. These packagers can then request branches through bugzilla and take over the package.

If the maintainer is not responsive, follow the process for a stalled EPEL request.


Template 1 is to find out if a package maintainer is interested in making a branch for EPEL. Template 2 is a general template to see if someone on the epel-devel list is interested in maintaining the branch.

Template 1


I am using {{ FILL IN OS }} and am using various packages in the EPEL[1]
repository. I am interested in seeing {{ FILL IN PACKAGE }} added to EPEL.

Would it be possible for you to maintain the package in EPEL? If not
do you know of a maintainer who could help you with it? While EPEL
is more conservative in package maintenance[2][3], it does allow for
updates to later versions when needed.

If you are not interested in EPEL or don't feel like you have the time
to put your packages into EPEL, the EPEL project would like to request
that a co-maintainer who is a part of EPEL be added to your packages.

The EPEL team appreciate your help with EPEL.




Template 2

Hi EPEL developers.

I am using {{ FILL IN OS }} and am using various packages in the EPEL
repository. I am interested in seeing {{ FILL IN PACKAGE }} added to EPEL.

I have approached the current Fedora maintainer and they are not
interested in maintaining the package in EPEL. Are there any EPEL
maintainers who are interested in doing so?

Thank you