Bugzilla Sync Infrastructure SOP

We do not run bugzilla.redhat.com. If bugzilla itself is down we need to get in touch with Red Hat IT or one of the bugzilla hackers (for instance, Dave Lawrence (dkl)) in order to fix it.

Infrastructure has some scripts that perform administrative functions on bugzilla.redhat.com. These scripts sync information from FAS and the Package Database into bugzilla.

Contact Information


Fedora Infrastructure Team






Phoenix, Denver (Tummy), Red Hat Infrastructure


(fas1, app5) ⇒ Need to migrate these to bapp1, bugzilla.redhat.com


Sync Fedora information to bugzilla.redhat.com


At present there are two scripts that sync information from Fedora into bugzilla.


export-bugzilla.py is the first script. It is responsible for syncing Fedora Accounts into bugzilla. It adds Fedora packages and bug triagers into a bugzilla group that gives the users extra permissions within bugzilla. This script is run off of a cron job on FAS1. The source code resides in the FAS git repo in fas/scripts/export-bugzilla.* however the code we run on the servers presently lives in ansible:



The other script is pkgdb-sync-bugzilla. It is responsible for syncing the package owners and cclists to bugzilla from the pkgdb. The script runs off a cron job on app5. The source code is in the packagedb bzr repo is packagedb/fedora-packagedb-stable/server-scripts/pkgdb-sync-bugzilla.*. Just like FAS, a separate copy is presently installed from ansbile to /usr/local/bin/pkgdb-sync-bugzilla but that should change ASAP as the present fedora-packagedb package installs /usr/bin/pkgdb-sync-bugzilla.

Troubleshooting and Resolution

Errors while syncing bugzilla with the PackageDB

One frequent problem is that people will sign up to watch a package in the packagedb but their email address in FAS isn’t a bugzilla email address. When this happens the scripts that try to sync the packagedb information to bugzilla encounter an error and send an email like this:

Subject: Errors while syncing bugzilla with the PackageDB

The following errors were encountered while updating bugzilla with information
from the Package Database.  Please have the problems taken care of:

({'product': u'Fedora', 'component': u'aircrack-ng', 'initialowner': u'baz@zardoz.org',
'initialcclist': [u'foo@bar.org', u'baz@zardoz.org']}, 504, 'The name foo@bar.org is not a
valid username.  \n    Either you misspelled it, or the person has not\n    registered for a
Red Hat Bugzilla account.')

When this happens we attempt to contact the person with the problematic mail address and get them to change it. Here’s a boilerplate message:

To: foo@bar.org
Subject: Fedora Account System Email vs Bugzilla Email


You are signed up to receive bug reports against the aircrack-ng package
in Fedora.  Unfortunately, the email address we have for you in the
Fedora Account System is not a valid bugzilla email address.  That means
that bugzilla won't send you mail and we're getting errors in the script
that syncs the cclist into bugzilla.

There's a few ways to resolve this:

1) Create a new bugzilla account with the email foo@bar.org as
an account at https://bugzilla.redhat.com.

2) Change an existing account on https://bugzilla.redhat.com to use the
foo@bar.org email address.

3) Change your email address in https://admin.fedoraproject.org/accounts
to use an email address that matches with an existing bugzilla email

Please let me know what you want to do!

Thank you,

If the user does not reply someone in the cvsadmin group needs to go into the pkgdb and remove the user from the cclist for the package.