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Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) software suite was updated to version 9.18.x. This version brings the following notable changes, for example:

  • Support for DNS over TLS and DNS over HTTPS servers. Both authoritative and resolver modes.

  • Re-work of internal connection handling using the libuv library.

  • Remote Name Daemon Control (RNDC) channel does not support Unix sockets.

  • Support for incoming and outgoing DNS zone transfer over TLS.

  • Domain Information Groper (dig) utility can send queries using DNS over TLS and DNS over HTTPS.

The bind-dyndb-ldap dynamic LDAP back-end was upgraded to version 11.10 to support support BIND 9.18. The back-end will be built together with the bind package.

You can see the full list of changes in the upstream release notes.

Fallback hostname set to localhost on server-based editions

For the Cloud, CoreOS, IoT, and Server editions of Fedora, the fallback hostname has been changed to localhost. The fallback hostname is the hostname that is set if the hostname cannot be determined by any other mechanism (statically set, DHCP, or reverse DNS). This change was made in order to conform to the common expectation that a hostname of localhost on a system means the hostname is "unset".