CommOps & Ambassador Reps to Mindshare

There are two representatives from the CommOps structure to Mindshare. Ideally, this would be one Ambassador representative and one representative from CommOps. These people are responsible for representing Ambassadors/CommOps as a collective to the Mindshare Committee and not as a single voice. They will be required to work with all the various groups that collaborate with Mindshare and act as a liaison between these groups and CommOps. These roles will require a fair amount of time investment and good communication skills.

Current representatives

  • Nick Bebout (nb) [Ambassador Rep]

  • Alberto Rodríguez Sánchez (bt0dotninja) [CommOps Rep]


Representatives are a crucial point to keep communication flowing between CommOps, Ambassadors, and Mindshare. As a CommOps/Ambassador representative to Mindshare you will be involved with:

  • Participate in weekly meetings at #fedora-mindshare IRC channel.

  • Review and comment on tickets in the mindshare Pagure repo.

  • Work closely and collaborate with the other outreach teams’ representatives to ensure that the most effective decisions are made.

  • Give valuable feedback to the Mindshare Committee.

  • Share the best practices: one of the Mindshare’s goals is to take down barriers or whatever is blocking sharing best practices.

  • Ensure that CommOps/Ambassadors are being represented and bring to the Mindshare meetings any problems or obstacles they might encounter.

  • Ensure that the Fedora budget is managed in the most effective way across all regions.

  • Listen to the needs, concerns and hopes of the Fedora community and relay them to the Mindshare Committee.

Duration of Service

The duration of service is two Fedora release cycles, or one year. However, terms may run shorter or longer depending on the personal situation of the persons filling the Representative roles. In an unlikely event of the representative(s), Mindshare Committee, or the CommOps Team wish to make a change in representation, sufficient reasoning must be provided. Following the SOP, a new representative will then be selected by the CommOps Team.


This section explains how the representatives are nominated and selected. The selection process documented below is initiated when a rotation of representatives is motioned by the existing representative, the Mindshare committee, or the Fedora Council.


There will be a two-week nomination period for potential representatives. Nominees can be self-nominated or nominated by other members of CommOps/Ambassadors with their consent. Nominees are required to be members of CommOps/Ambassadors and should have a basic understanding of various Fedora sub-projects, and have sufficient time to perform the responsibilities required.

In the event that there are no nominees, Commops/Ambassadors will work with the Mindshare Committee to broaden the search message and request more time. Should no nominees be found after that, the role will rotate among existing CommOps/Ambassador members until the next representative is identified.


After the one-week nomination period expires, the CommOps teams (including Ambassadors) will discuss candidates in a public meeting. In a meeting discussion, it provides an opportunity for the team to weigh in and share other context. In the event that three or more nominees are interested in the Representative roles, the Fedora CommOps Team will coordinate with the Fedora Program Manager to run an election.

For the Fedora Elections application, use these conditions:

  • Nominee must be a member of fedora-commops Fedora Account group

  • Voting is open to CLA+1 voters (like Council elections)

The selected person and the Mindshare Committee will be notified once the selection is confirmed. The selected person will begin serving as the CommOps/Ambassador representative to the Mindshare Committee as soon as possible.

Teams you will be closely working with