Taiga Operations

Adding a new user

If an author has not written for us before, you will have to add them to Taiga.

Because we use OpenID authentication, the new member will have to log in to teams.fedoraproject.org with their Fedora account before you can add them.

To add a new user:

  1. Click Admin (the gear icon) on the left-hand panel

  2. Click Members

  3. Click the +New Member button in the upper-right corner

  4. Search by name or email address in the text box

  5. Click the desired account

  6. Select the Writer role from the Choose a role drop-down

  7. Click the Invite button

The user is now added to the Magazine board and can be assigned to cards.

Creating a new card (user story)

When a proposal is approved, follow these steps.

  1. From the Kanban page, click the + button in the Article Spec column

  2. Enter the title of the article in the top text box

  3. Enter details of the proposal in the bottom text box, including a link to the proposal discussion where appropriate

  4. Click Add tag and type "needs image" and click that tag

  5. If an author has been identified and has an account in Taiga, click Assign and assign them

  6. Click Create

  7. Click the card you just created

  8. Click the Add watchers button

  9. Type "Editor" in the search box

  10. Click Role: Editorial board member to add all editors as watchers

  11. Click the Add button

Adding or removing editors

To add or remove an editor, in Taiga:

  1. Click Admin (the gear icon) on the left-hand panel

  2. Click Members

  3. Find the member in question

  4. Select the desired role in the Role drop-down

  5. Toggle the Admin slider (Editors should be admins on the board, non-editors should not)

Update the Pagure group membership as well so that the docs and images repos have the correct permissions.