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7.3. Kernel-Geschmacksrichtungen

Fedora Core 6 includes the following kernel builds:
You may install kernel headers for all kernel flavors at the same time. The files are installed in the /usr/src/kernels/<version>-[xen|kdump]-<arch>/ tree. Use the following command:
su -c 'yum install kernel-{PAE,xen,kdump}-devel'
Select one or more of these flavors, separated by commas and no spaces, as appropriate. Enter the root password when prompted.

Default Kernel Provides SMP

There is no separate SMP kernel available for Fedora Core 6 on i386, x86_64 and ppc64. Multiprocessor support is provided by the native kernel.

Kernelunterstützung für PowerPC

There is no support for Xen or kdump for the PowerPC architecture in Fedora Core 6 test3. 32-bit PowerPC does still have a separate SMP kernel.