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Mail servers

roundcubemail 1.6

Roundcube Webmail has been updated to version 1.6 in Fedora 37. Note that this version contains a set of breaking changes to previous versions; the following configuration options have been either removed or renamed:

  • IMAP

    • renamed default_host to imap_host

    • removed default_port option (non-standard port can be set via imap_host)

    • set localhost:143 as a default for imap_host

  • SMTP

    • renamed smtp_server to smtp_host

    • removed smtp_port option (non-standard port can be set via smtp_host)

    • set localhost:587 as a default for smtp_host

  • LDAP

    • removed port option from ldap_public array (non-standard port can be set via host)

    • removed use_tls option from ldap_public array (use tls:// prefix in host)

  • Managesieve

    • removed managesieve_port option (non-standard port can be set via managesieve_host)

    • removed managesieve_usetls option (set tls:// prefix to managesieve_host)

For a list of changes, see the upstream Rouncube Webmail release notes.