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2.5. System Identification

Every host should have a basic summary of the hosts purpose, contact info and security category. This summary should be listed, in plain text, in /etc/system_identification. This summary should contain the following information:
  • Security Category - Either Low, Moderate or High. See "Host Security Categories" above for more information.
  • Primary Contact - Primary owner of the system
  • Purpose - Basic purpose of this host
  • Environment - Environment of the system (production, staging, testing, etc)
  • Relationship - Relationship of this host to other hosts.

2.5.1. System Identification Example

Security Category: Moderate
Primary Contact: Joe Example - (555) 322-9511
Environment: Production
Purpose: Provide web services
Relationship: This host relies on db[1-2] for it's primary data layer and is contacted by proxy[1-5] for that service.

This document is provided as part of CSI standards.  See for more information.