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Chapter 2. Host Security Introduction

Mike McGrath

Fedora Infrastructure Lead
Fedora Project
2.1. Prerequisites
2.2. Host General Security
2.2.1. Suggested /etc/sysctl.conf config
2.3. IPTables Configuration
2.3.1. Suggested /etc/sysconfig/iptables configuration
2.4. Host Security Categories
2.5. System Identification
2.5.1. System Identification Example
This chapter focuses on host security, without making any distinction between "server" or "desktop" systems. Its goal is to actively protect machines wherever possible, and automatically detect any security violations. It is a work in progress.

2.1. Prerequisites

The topics discussed in this chapter include advanced topics which may require an RHCE level of knowledge and skills. Understanding every section of this standard is not a requisite for compliance, but it is recommended.