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4.3. Assessment and Communication

These tasks are designed around threat assessment and communication. Communication tasks include apprising appropriate management chains of the problem and assembling correct information for dissemination to the public.

4.3.1. Management Chain Notification

This section sets out the method by which the management chain is to be informed that an incident has been discovered, and reports and updates are to be sent as investigation, mitigation, and repairs are completed.
Management Chain Notification
Sign offTaskDescription
Notify ManagementThis is the initial contact through which management is notified that an incident has either occurred or is in progress. Contact is to be made by phone, and all contact numbers should be used until either the manager has been reached, or the list of contact numbers has been exhausted. A message is to be left at each number if no one answers. Phone contact must be followed up by email, whether or not the manager was reached directly. Ensure the following people have been contacted:,
Threat AssessmentComplete the Threat Assessment below, and email it to:, Inform the recipients that until the final assessment has been completed, the information provided should be considered preliminary. Additionally include a copy of the time line in its current state.