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4.4. Package Notes

The following sections contain information regarding software packages that have undergone significant changes for Fedora 10. For easier access, they are generally organized using the same groups that are shown in the installation system.

4.4.1. GIMP

Fedora 10 includes version 2.6 of the GNU Image Manipulation Program.
This new version is designed to be backwards compatible, so existing third party plug-ins and scripts should continue to work, with a minor caveat. The included Script-Fu Scheme interpreter no longer accepts variable definitions without an initial value, which is not compliant to the language standard. Scripts included in Fedora packages should not have this problem, but if you use scripts from other sources, please refer to the GIMP release notes for more details and how you can fix scripts that have this problem:
Additionally, the gimptool script that is used to build and install third party plug-ins and scripts has been moved from the gimp package to the gimp-devel package. Install this package if you want to use gimptool.