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8.3. Virtualization

Virtualization in Fedora 10 includes major changes, and new features, that continue to support KVM, Xen, and many other virtual machine platforms.

8.3.1. Unified kernel image

The kernel-xen package has been obsoleted by the integration of paravirtualization operations in the upstream kernel. The kernel package in Fedora 10 supports booting as a guest domU, but will not function as a dom0 until such support is provided upstream. The most recent Fedora release with dom0 support is Fedora 8.
Booting a Xen domU guest within a Fedora 10 host requires the KVM based xenner. Xenner runs the guest kernel and a small Xen emulator together as a KVM guest.

KVM requires hardware virtualization features in the host system.

Systems lacking hardware virtualization do not support Xen guests at this time.
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