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Revision History

Revision History
Revision 11.0.0Wed Apr 01 2009Hans De Goede, Paul W. Frields, Ruediger Landmann, David Nalley, The anaconda team, Red Hat Engineering Content Services
Major update, incorporating material from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Installation Guide and elsewhere, plus fixes for numerous bugs
Revision 10.0.1Mon Feb 16 2009Ruediger Landmann
Convert to build in Publican
Revision 10.0.0Mon Nov 24 2008Karsten Wade
Build and publish Fedora 10 version
Revision 9.9.2Sat Oct 18 2008Jared K. Smith
Prepare for release of Fedora 10
Revision 9.0.2Fri Jul 25 2008Paul W. Frields
Fix incorrect livecd-tools instructions
Revision 9.0.1Sat Jun 28 2008Paul W. Frields
Lots of bug fixes
Revision 9.0.0Tue May 13 2008Paul W. Frields
Add information on upgrading a distribution