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5.3. How Do I Obtain Driver Media?

Driver images may be available from a hardware or software vendor's website. If you suspect that your system may require one of these drivers, you should create a driver diskette or CD-ROM before beginning your Fedora installation.


It is also possible to use a driver image via a network file. Instead of using the linux dd boot command, use the linux dd=url command, where url is replaced by an HTTP, FTP, or NFS address of the driver image to be used.

5.3.1. Creating a Driver Diskette from an Image File

To create a driver diskette from a driver diskette image using Linux:
  1. Insert a blank, formatted diskette into the first diskette drive.
  2. From the same directory containing the driver diskette image, such as drvnet.img, type dd if=drvnet.img of=/dev/fd0 as root.


The installation program supports using an external flash drive as a way to add driver images during the installation process. The best way to do this is to mount the flash drive and copy the desired driverdisk.img onto the flash drive. For example:
dd if=driverdisk.img of=/dev/sda
You are then prompted during the installation to select the partition and specify the file to be used.