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5.4. Using a Driver Image During Installation

If you need to use a driver image, such as during a PCMCIA device or NFS installation, the installation program prompts you to insert the driver (as a diskette, CD-ROM, or file name) when it is needed.
For example, to specifically load a driver diskette that you have created, begin the installation process by booting from the Fedora DVD (or using boot media you have created). For x86-based systems, at the boot: prompt, enter linux dd if using an x86 or x86-64 system. Refer to Section 7.3.1, “Booting the Installation Program on x86, AMD64, and Intel® 64 Systems” for details on booting the installation program.
The installation program asks you to insert the driver diskette. Once the driver diskette is read by the installation program, it can apply those drivers to hardware discovered on your system later in the installation process.