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Revision History

Revision History
Revision 1.5Fri May 22 2009Rüdiger Landmann
Re-add Common bugs section
Add libguestfs
Revision 1.4Mon May 18 2009Rüdiger Landmann
Update Volume Control
Fix XML table glitch in I18n section
Add moin update
Link to wiki page on fingerprint readers
Add Presto
Add Archer
Revision 1.3Tue Mar 31 2009John McDonough
Development Tools updates
Revision 1.2Mon Mar 30 2009John McDonough
Add changes in boot menu
New Gnome and KDE content
Multimedia Beat
Revision 1.1Sun Mar 15 2009John McDonough
Add Scientific and Technical section
Revision 1.0Tue Feb 10 2009Ryan Lerch
First Draft