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7. Changes in Fedora for Specific Audiences

7.1. What's new in science and mathematics

Fedora 11 includes a range of packages for science and mathematics. The following packages have been updated for Fedora 11.

7.1.1. Mathematics

freefem++ is a finite element analysis package which has been updated to 3.0.
  • complete change of the graphical interface (freefem++ replaced freefem++-nw)
  • added medit (visualization software by P. Frey) inside freefem++ under the name ffmedit
  • the IDE version is gone until Antoine Le Hyaric writes a good one. Refer to:
  • introduced client-server architecture freefem++
  • ffglut visualizer using glut library
Full upstream changelog is here:

7.1.2. Chemistry

gabedit is a GUI for a number of computational chemistry packages. Highlights of version 2.1.17 include:
  • full undo/redo for geometry changes
  • full control over displayed bonds
  • support for reading connectivities from gabedit, hin, pdb, mol2 and mol files
  • molecular dynamics conformational searches using MM potential (Amber 99) and Semi-Empirical method (from Open Mopac or PCGamess)
  • migration from GDK drawing functions to Cairo
  • geometry and plots can be exported to EPS, PS, PDF, or SVG formats
For complete details see the upstream changelog at: