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6.4. Java

6.4.1. netbeans

netbeans has been updated to version 6.5. netbeans 6.5 is a significant update of netbeans 6.1 and includes the following changes:
  • PHP support with code completion, Xdebug and web service features.
  • JavaFX 1.0 supports animation, graphics and media codecs for rich content application development.
  • New Support for Groovy and Grails.
  • Improved JavaScript, AJAX and Ruby support.
  • Automatic Compile and Deploy on Save for Java and Java EE applications.
  • Improved database support: SQL history, SQL completion, and results viewing and editing improvements.
  • Improved Java ME support for Data Binding, SVG and Custom Component creation.
  • GUI Builder: Support for Nimbus and simple class names.
  • JUnit: single test method support.
  • Debugger: Redesign of Step into feature.
For information about the main development features in NetBeans IDE, see: