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6.2. Runtime

Backwards Comparibility
Fedora provides legacy system libraries for compatibility with older software. This software is part of the Legacy Software Development group, which is not installed by default. Users who require this functionality may select this group either during installation or after the installation process is complete. To install the package group on a Fedora system, use Applications > Add/Remove Software or enter the following command in a terminal window:
	    su -c 'yum groupinstall "Legacy Software Development"'

Enter the password for the root account when prompted.
Fedora 11 includes bash 4.0. This is a significant upgrade with new features.
Fedora 11 includes gcc 4.4, and with it, libgcc 4.4. This may require recompiling your programs.
DBus Policy
Previous releases of Fedora shipped with a security policy for the DBus system bus that was unintentionally permissive (see CVE-2008-4311). In Fedora 11, the policy has been changed to deny method calls by default.