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3. Architecture Specific Notes

This section provides notes that are specific to the supported hardware architectures of Fedora.

3.1. 32-bit base changed to i686

Fedora 11 has i586 as the base 32-bit x86 architecture.
For Fedora 12, we are switching to i686 as the base architecture (including CMOV), and optimize for Atom processors.
This means we will loose support for the following CPU families:
  • Intel i586 (all)
  • National Semiconductor Geode processors
  • VIA C3 (Ezra and Samuel Cores)
  • AMD Geode GX
AMD Geode LX (as used in the OLPC XO laptop) and later Geode NX processors should still work. Those interested are, of course, welcome to set up a secondary arch for older processors
  • Faster binaries on mainstream architectures (Pentium M, Via C7, all 64-bit arches, Atom)
  • Realistically, we don't support i586 as a practical matter. Enforce that more logically.
  • Fewer kernel builds