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7.3. Circuit Design

Fedora 12 includes a complete set of applications for schematic capture, circuit simulation, and PCB layout. The following are major changes to these applications. A complete list of changes may be found at the end of this document.
In Fedora 12, the geda suite, previously packaged as a number of individual applications, is now provided in a single, complete package.
Fedora’s gspiceui is now compiled under wxgtk 2.8 instead of the old wxgtk 2.6. This improves GSpiceUIi’s GUI interface. GSpiceUI includes missing opamp-3.sym to /usr/share/gEDA/sym/misc/ (geda symbols directory).


GSpiceUI is not available on Fedora supported PPC64 architecture as a result of missing gwave for that architecture.
Fedora 12 includes the latest version of kicadpackage> which incorporates a huge number of minor bug fixes and usability improvements. For a complete description of the many changes please refer to the upstream changelog at
ngspice has been updated to rework 19.
  • Memory management: fixed memory leaks (Bug 514484 - A Long Warning Message)
  • Integration of espice bugfixes and enhancements
  • Bug fixes in plots and cli interface.
  • Rework of BSim models, integration of EPFL-EKV model V2.63, ADMS models mextram, hicum0, hicum2.
  • Fedora’s ngspice has been patched to accept calls from Xcircuit TCL interface.
tclspice is new to Fedora 12.
Before ngspice-rework-19, Fedora has considered tclspice’s stability too fragile. Examples of tclspice can be found via rpm -qd tclspice.
Tclspice provides Fedora users with extended capabilities for mixed-signal design via its TCL backend. Since Fedora is also providing tools for boolean manipulation (explained in the following section), Fedora users have adequate materials to spin his or her own mixed-signal EDA plugin.
xcircuit has been updated to version 3.6.161. Highlights include:
  • Supports multiple schematic layout windows.
  • A complete overhaul of the key-function binding routines and the function dispatch mechanism was effected.
  • Several additions and corrections need to be made to make the multiplewindow implementation work properly.
  • The way libraries are handled by making the distinction between library pages and files using the concept of "technology namespaces" has improved. Each object has a name composed of a "technology prefix", a double colon ("::"), and the object’s name. Each library file declares a technology name, which is used as the prefix for all objects in that file. The prefixes are used by XCircuit to track which objects came from which file, regardless of the library page onto which they were loaded. Added support for wires connected to symbol pins remain connected while the symbol is moved. It also expands upon the "Attach-to" function, allowing wires to be (semi-) automatically attached to pin labels or symbol pins. The key macro for "attach-to" (key "A") can also be used like the "wire" function (key "w") to start a wire with its start-point attached to a symbol pin or pin label.
  • The way info labels for PCB are handled was changed as from version 3.6.66.
  • Runtime speed has been improved.
  • Fedora’s ngspice has been patched to accept calls from Xcircuit TCL interface.