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6.2. Languages

Fedora 12 includes all of the popular programming languages. This section outlines the major changes since Fedora 11. Since Fedora tries to include the lastest of everything from upstream, there are, of course, many minor changes. See the tables at the end of this document for details.
Fedora 12 includes the haskell-platform-2009.2.0.2. Haskell Platform is standard set of libraries and tools which provide a stable known platform for developing Haskell projects.
ghc has been updated to 6.10.4. The xmonad window manager and quite a few more libraries have also been added (cgi, editline, fgl, GLUT, haskell-platform, network, OpenGL, tar, time, utf8-string, X11-xft, xmonad, xmonad-contrib).
ghc-rpm-macros contains the rpm macros used in the Haskell Packaging Guidelines.
Fedora 12 includes version 5.3.0 of php. This includes a number of significant new features including support for namespaces, late binding, more consistent float rounding as well as a number of performance enhancements. For complete details see