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10.3.3. gLabels

gLabels is a light-weight GNOME application for creating labels, business cards, and labels for CD and DVDs.
Start gLabels by clicking on Applications > Office > gLabels Label Designer in GNOME or Kickoff Application Launcher > Applications > Office > gLabels Label Designer in KDE.
The major functions of the top menu are:
lets you create a New project, Open, Open Recent files, Save, Save As, Print, change Properties open the Template Designer Close a file, or Quit the program.
allows you to Cut, Copy, and Paste, Delete Select All, Unselect All and change the Preferences.
lets you choose Toolbars, customize the toolbars, turn on the Grid and Markup, and Zoom in and out.
lets you Select Mode, Create Text, a Box, Line, Ellipse, Image, a Barcode define the Order, Rotate/Flip, Align Horizontal or Vertical and Merge Properties.
Help > Contents
opens the gLabels help manual (as does the F1 key), or lets you see general information About the program.
The row of icons under the top menu bar contains the most frequently used functions that are listed in the top menu.
The third menu panel is grayed-out until you select a New project or Open an existing file. These icons allow you to Select, move and modify objects, Create text object, Create box/rectangle object, Create a line object, Create ellipse/circle object, Create Image Object, Create a Barcode, Zoom in and out, and Edit merge properties.
The panel at the bottom of the work window allows you to configure the appearance of your data, such as font selection, alignment, bolding, and italics, as well as text and line color.
For more information on using gLabels, refer to tje gLabels website at