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Chapter 4. Steps to Get You Started

4.1. Upgrade or Install?
4.2. Is Your Hardware Compatible?
4.3. RAID and Other Disk Devices
4.3.1. Hardware RAID
4.3.2. Software RAID
4.3.3. FireWire and USB Disks
4.4. Do You Have Enough Disk Space?
4.5. Can You Install Using the CD-ROM or DVD?
4.5.1. Alternative Boot Methods
4.5.2. Making an Installation Boot CD-ROM
4.6. Preparing for a Network Installation
4.6.1. Preparing for FTP and HTTP installation
4.6.2. Preparing for an NFS install
4.7. Preparing for a Hard Drive Installation

4.1. Upgrade or Install?

For information to help you determine whether to perform an upgrade or an installation refer to Chapter 18, Upgrading Your Current System.