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4.6.2. Preparing for an NFS install

For NFS installation it is not necessary to mount the iso image. It is sufficient to make the iso image itself available via NFS. You can do this by moving the iso image or images to the NFS exported directory:
In addition the install.img file from within the ISO files must be copied to a directory named images
Additionally, if a file called updates.img exists in the location from which you install, it is used for updates to anaconda, the installation program. Refer to the file install-methods.txt in the anaconda RPM package for detailed information on the various ways to install Fedora, as well as how to apply the installation program updates.
To extract the install.img from the ISO follow the procedure:
  mount -t iso9660 /path/to/Fedora13.iso /mnt/point -o loop,ro
  cp -pr /mnt/point/images /path/images/
  umount /mnt/point
Ensure that the /publicly/available/directory directory is exported via NFS via an entry in /etc/exports.
To export to a specific system:
/publicly/available/directory client.ip.address
To export to all systems use an entry such as:
/publicly/available/directory * 
Start the NFS daemon (on a Fedora system, use /sbin/service nfs start). If NFS is already running, reload the configuration file (on a Fedora system use /sbin/service nfs reload).