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7.6.4. Installing via NFS

The NFS dialog applies only if you booted with the askmethod boot option and selected NFS Image in the Installation Method dialog. If you used the repo=nfsboot option, you already specified a server and path.
Enter the domain name or IP address of your NFS server. For example, if you are installing from a host named eastcoast in the domain, enter in the NFS Server field.
Next, enter the name of the exported directory. If you followed the setup described in Section 4.6, “Preparing for a Network Installation”, you would enter the directory /export/directory/.
If the NFS server is exporting a mirror of the Fedora installation tree, enter the directory which contains the root of the installation tree. If everything was specified properly, a message appears indicating that the installation program for Fedora is running.
NFS Setup Dialog
NFS setup dialog.
Figure 7.6. NFS Setup Dialog

If the NFS server is exporting the ISO images of the Fedora CD-ROMs, enter the directory which contains the ISO images.
Next, the Welcome dialog appears.