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7.6.5. Installing via FTP or HTTP

The URL dialog applies only if you are installing from a FTP or HTTP server (if you selected URL in the Installation Method dialog). This dialog prompts you for information about the FTP or HTTP server from which you are installing Fedora.
Enter the URL for the directory that contains the installation image file (install.img) on your chosen FTP or HTTP site and press Enter. By default, this directory will be named /pub/fedora/linux/releases/13/Fedora/arch/os/images/, where arch is replaced with the architecture type of your system, such as i386. The complete URL will therefore resemble this example: Specify the address of a proxy server, and if necessary, provide a port number, username, and password. If the system can reach the URL that you provided, and can find a file named install.img at that location, a message box appears indicating that files are being retrieved from the server.
URL Setup Dialog
URL setup dialog.
Figure 7.7. URL Setup Dialog

Next, the Welcome dialog appears.