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4.5.2. Making an Installation Boot CD-ROM

The boot.iso image file is available for download from the same servers that host images of the Fedora installation disks — refer to Section 2.1, “Downloading Fedora”. This file is an image of a disc that you can burn to a CD and use to boot the installation program. To use this boot CD, your computer must be able to boot from its CD-ROM drive, and its BIOS settings must be configured to do so.

Choose an option to burn a CD from an image

When you burn the boot.iso image, make sure that you select the option to burn an image file to disc in your CD burning software. The exact wording of this option varies, depending on the software that you use, but should contain the word "image". Note that not all CD burning software includes this option. In particular, the CD burning software built into Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista does not offer this capability. There are many programs available that add this capability to Windows operating systems; Infrarecorder is a free and open-source example available from