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7.4.2. Additional Boot Options

While it is easiest to boot using a CD-ROM or DVD and perform a graphical installation, sometimes there are installation scenarios where booting in a different manner may be needed. This section discusses additional boot options available for Fedora.
To pass options to the boot loader on an x86, AMD64, or Intel® 64 system, use the instructions as provided in the boot loader option samples below.


Refer to Chapter 9, Boot Options for additional boot options not covered in this section. Kernel Options

Options can also be passed to the kernel. For example, to apply updates for the anaconda installation program from a floppy disk enter:
linux updates
For text mode installations, use:
linux text updates
This command will prompt you to insert a floppy diskette containing updates for anaconda. It is not needed if you are performing a network installation and have already placed the updates image contents in rhupdates/ on the server.
After entering any options, press Enter to boot using those options.
If you need to specify boot options to identify your hardware, please write them down. The boot options are needed during the boot loader configuration portion of the installation (refer to Section 7.22, “x86, AMD64, and Intel® 64 Boot Loader Configuration” for more information).
For more information on kernel options refer to Chapter 9, Boot Options.