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Revision History
Revision 5Sat May 21 2010John McDonough
Remove description of modprobe whitelist BZ#594466
Revision 4Fri 14 May 2010Ian MacGregor
Added note for the possibility of needing to enable the location bar in nautilus, BZ#591694
Revision 3Mon May 10 2010John McDonough
Config change in varnish BZ#5889532
Incorrect link in kernel BZ#590492
Revision 2Mon Apr 26 2010The Fedora Documentation Team
Incorporate all known Fedora 13 content
Revision 1Fri Mar 19 2010John McDonough
Port content from Fedora wiki
Revision 0Wed Mar 17 2010Rüdiger Landmann
Clean out Fedora 12 content to make way for Fedora 13