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5. Changes in Fedora for System Administrators

5.1. Security

5.1.1. Dogtag Certificate System

Dogtag Certificate System (DGS) is an enterprise-class open-source Certificate Authority (CA) supporting all aspects of certificate lifecycle management including Certificate Authority (CA), Data Recovery Manager (DRM), Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) Manager, Registration Authority (RA), Token Key Service (TKS), Token Processing System (TPS) and smartcard management, through Enterprise Security Client (ESC).
Refer to the Dogtag Certificate System page on the Fedora wiki for additional details —

5.1.2. User Account Dialog

A new User Account Dialog is redesigned and implemented to create new users and edit user-related information in single-user systems or small deployments. This new dialog supersedes functionality that was previously available in a variety of tools, such as system-config-user, gnome-about-me, gdmsetup and polkit-gnome-authorization, and makes it available in one place.
The User Account Dialog page on the Fedora wiki includes more details:

5.1.3. Policy Kit One

PolicyKitOne replaces the old deprecated PolicyKit and gives KDE users a better experience of their applications and desktop in general. The Fedora 12 KDE Desktop Edition used Gnome Authentication Agent . PolicyKitOne makes it possible to utilize the native KDE authentication agent, KAuth in Fedora 13.
For a complete description of this feature, refer to the KDE PolicyKit One Qt page on the Fedora wiki: