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7.2. Circuit Design

Fedora 13 includes a complete set of applications for schematic capture, circuit simulation, and PCB layout. The following are major changes to these applications. A complete list of changes may be found in the Technical Notes available at

7.2.1. ngspice

ngspice and tclspice have been upgraded to Release 20. New features include .measure command for transient, ac and dc analyses (still not complete, e.g. DERIV is missing). Improved device support incudes an updated BISM4 model to revision 4.6.5. Added PWL (PieceWise Linear) functionality for B (arbitrary generator) sources.

7.2.2. pcb

Fedora 13 includes version 0.20091103 of pcb. There are a number of new features including the ability to add attributes to layers, to add filters through the load file chooser dialog, allowing quoted and escaped strings, and many new footprints. For a complete list of new features, footprints and bug fixes, refer to the news file at

7.2.3. Dia

A number of digital and electronic symbols have been added to the drawing package, dia. New packages include dia-CMOS, dia-Digital, dia-electric2 and dia-electronic.