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5.5. Database Servers

5.5.1. db4

Fedora 13 includes version 4.8.26 of the Berkeley db4 database. This release features improved performance, a new db_sql tool, and additional APIs.

5.5.2. MySQL

mysql has been updated to 5.1.44 (from 5.1.39). This release includes new replication capability. Refer to the MySQL release notes at,,,, and for additional details.

5.5.3. Postgresql

postgresql has been updated to 8.4.2. Although this is primarily a bug fix release, if you have any hash indices, you should REINDEX those tables after upgrading (no dump is required). For a complete listing of bug fixes refer to

5.5.4. sqlite

For Fedora 13, sqlite has been upgraded from 3.6.17 to 3.6.23. This release adds a number of new pragmas and functions, as well as many fixes. Refer to for a complete list of changes.