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2. Installation Notes


To learn how to install Fedora, refer to either the Fedora Installation Quick Start Guide available from or the Fedora Installation Guide available from If you encounter a problem or have a question during installation that is not covered in these release notes, refer to and
Anaconda is the name of the Fedora installer. This section outlines issues related to anaconda and installing Fedora 13.


Fedora 13 introduces a new method of installing or upgrading Fedora over the Internet, using boot images available from Images are available for a variety of media, including USB, CD and DVD, and floppy disk. You can use this image to start the boot process on a system, which then contacts a remote server to complete the boot process and launch the installer. The process is similar to booting on a network with a Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) server available.
The installation or upgrade process itself is the same as if you were performing the process with local media, such as a DVD.
There is nothing in the boot image that is specific to this version of Fedora; in future, you can use the same boot image to install or upgrade to subsequent versions of Fedora.