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6.7. Linux Kernel

This section covers changes and important information regarding the 2.6.33-based kernel in Fedora 13.
Fedora may include additional patches to the kernel for improvements, bug fixes, or additional features. For this reason, the Fedora kernel may not be line-for-line equivalent to the so-called vanilla kernel from the web site at
To obtain a list of these patches, download the source RPM package and run the following command:
rpm -qpl kernel-<version>.src.rpm

6.7.1. Changelog

To retrieve a log of changes to the package, run the following command:
rpm -q --changelog kernel-<version>
Note that this list has entries about upstream kernel changes applied to the package as well as Fedora-specific enhancements such as bug fixes and enhancements not yet available in the upstream kernel. A detailed summary of changes in each upstream version is at<version>, e.g. the changelog for kernel 2.6.33 is at
If you need a user friendly version of the changelog, refer to A short and full diff of the kernel is available from The Fedora version kernel is based on the Linus tree.
If you need user friendly documentation about new features in a major upstream kernel release, refer to
A complete history of changes to the kernel is available from;a=summary.
Customizations made for the Fedora version are available from

6.7.2. Preparing for Kernel Development

Fedora 13 does not include the kernel-source package provided by older versions, since only the kernel-devel package is required now to build external modules.

6.7.3. Reporting Bugs

Refer to for information on reporting bugs in the Linux kernel. You may also use for reporting bugs that are specific to Fedora.