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3.9.5. Using GPG with Evolution Configuring GPG for use with Evolution

To configure GPG for use in Evolution select from the Evolution Main Menu, select Tools, Settings... In the left pane, select Mail Accounts. In the right pane, select the email account you use for Fedora Project correspondence. Then select the Edit button. The Evolution Account Editor dialog appears. Select the Security tab.
In the PGP/GPG Key ID field, enter the GPG key ID matching this account's email address. If you are not sure what your key ID is, use this command: gpg --fingerprint EMAIL_ADDRESS. The key ID is the same as the last eight characters (4 bytes) of the key fingerprint. It is a good idea to click the option Always encrypt to myself when sending encrypted mail. You may also want to select Always sign outgoing messages when using this account.


If you do not mark public keys as trusted in your keyring, you will not be able to encrypt email to their owners unless you select the option Always trust keys in my keyring when encrypting. You will instead receive a dialog indicating that a trust check has failed.