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3.9.6. Using GPG with Thunderbird

Fedora Core includes Mozilla Thunderbird in the thunderbird package, and the mozilla-mail package for the Mozilla Suite email application. Thunderbird is the recommended Mozilla email application. This appears on your desktop as Applications > Internet > Thunderbird Email.
Mozilla products support extensions, plugins that add new features to the main application. The Enigmail extensions provide GPG support to email products from Mozilla. Versions of Enigmail exist for both Mozilla Thunderbird, and the Mozilla Suite (Seamonkey). Netscape software from AOL is based on the Mozilla products, and may also use this extension.
To install Enigmail on Fedora systems, follow the instructions given below.
Enigmail uses the term OpenPGP in menu items and options. GPG is an implementation of OpenPGP, and you may treat the terms as equivalent.
The homepage for Enigmail is:
This page provides screenshots of Enigmail and GPG in action: Installing Enigmail

Enigmail is now available in fedora repository. It can be installed by typing: yum install thunderbird-enigmail at a command line. Alternatively, you can install thunderbird-enigmail using by going to System -> Administration -> Add/Remove Software.