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12.5. Sound Recorder

Sound Recorder can record and play .flac, .oga (OGG audio), and .wav sound files.

12.5.1. Using Sound Recorder

  • From the top menu select FileNew, or press the New button on the second panel.
  • On the Record as drop-down menu choose what type of file you want to record to.
  • Press the red Record button or select ControlRecord from the top menu to start recording.
  • Press the Stop button or use ControlStop, on the top menu, to end the recording.
  • Press the Play button or ControlPlay to start the play-back.
  • To open the audio mixer select FileOpen Volume Control.
  • To save your file choose FileSave As, and name your sound file.
  • You can play an existing sound file by clicking the Open button, or selecting FileOpen on the top menu, choose the file and click the Open button. Now press the Play button, or select ControlPlay, to play the selected file.
  • Selecting FileProperties displays information about the current sound file.
  • Access the Sound Recorder manual by choosing HelpContents or press the F1 key.