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Chapter 1. System requirements

This chapter lists system requirements for successfully running virtualization with Fedora. Virtualization is available for Fedora.
The Kernel-based Virtual Machine hypervisor is provided with Fedora.
For information on installing the virtualization packages, read Chapter 4, Installing the virtualization packages.
Minimum system requirements
Recommended system requirements

KVM overcommit

KVM can overcommit physical resources for virtualized guests. Overcommiting resources means the total virtualized RAM and processor cores used by the guests can exceed the physical RAM and processor cores on the host. For information on safely overcommitting resources with KVM refer to Section 25.3, “Overcommitting with KVM”.
KVM requirements
The KVM hypervisor requires:
Refer to Section 25.4, “Verifying virtualization extensions” to determine if your processor has the virtualization extensions.
Storage support
The working guest storage methods are:

File-based guest storage

File-based guest images should be stored in the /var/lib/libvirt/images/ folder. If you use a different directory you must add the directory to the SELinux policy. Refer to Section 19.2, “SELinux and virtualization” for details.