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Chapter 25. Miscellaneous administration tasks

25.1. Automatically starting guests
25.2. Using qemu-img
25.3. Overcommitting with KVM
25.4. Verifying virtualization extensions
25.5. Accessing data from a guest disk image
25.6. Setting KVM processor affinities
25.7. Generating a new unique MAC address
25.8. Very Secure ftpd
25.9. Configuring LUN Persistence
25.10. Disable SMART disk monitoring for guests
25.11. Configuring a VNC Server
This chapter contain useful hints and tips to improve virtualization performance, scale and stability.

25.1. Automatically starting guests

This section covers how to make virtualized guests start automatically during the host system's boot phase.
This example uses virsh to set a guest, TestServer, to automatically start when the host boots.
# virsh autostart TestServer
Domain TestServer marked as autostarted

The guest now automatically starts with the host.
To stop a guest automatically booting use the --disable parameter
# virsh autostart --disable TestServer
Domain TestServer unmarked as autostarted

The guest no longer automatically starts with the host.