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Chapter 5. Virtualized guest installation overview

5.1. Virtualized guest prerequesites and considerations
5.2. Creating guests with virt-install
5.3. Creating guests with virt-manager
5.4. Installing guests with PXE
After you have installed the virtualization packages on the host system you can create guest operating systems. This chapter describes the general processes for installing guest operating systems on virtual machines. You can create guests using the New button in virt-manager or use the command line interface virt-install. Both methods are covered by this chapter.
Detailed installation instructions are available for specific versions of Fedora, other Linux distributions, Solaris and Windows. Refer to the relevant procedure for you guest operating system:

5.1. Virtualized guest prerequesites and considerations

Various factors should be considered before creating any virtualized guests. Factors include:
  • Performance
  • Input/output requirements and types of input/output
  • Storage
  • Networking and network infrastructure
Virtualization has a performance impact.
I/O requirements and architectures
Networking and network infrastructure