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Chapter 6. Other Wireless Technologies

6.1. CDMA
6.2. GPRS
6.3. DECT
6.4. EV-DO
6.5. HSDPA
IEEE 802.11 is not the only available mobile data access method. Many of the following mobile technologies are popular for Internet access from cell phones and other mobile devices, offering connectivity within the cell phone coverage areas. With the introduction of video calls and more bandwidth-intensive applications, higher speeds and more capability is in high demand for mobile devices.

6.1. CDMA

Code Division Multiple Access is a channel access method used by several radio technologies for cellular access. Originally a military technology, used as a way to transmit over several different frequencies instead of one single frequency, CDMA is the platform on which modern 3G services are built. CDMA uses spread-spectrum to communicate, using very low power levels, which makes it less likely for CDMA to cause interference with other systems.