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Chapter 14. Keyboard Configuration

14.1. Changing the Keyboard Layout
14.2. Using Multiple Keyboard Layouts
14.3. Setting Up a Typing Break
This chapter describes how to change the keyboard layout and how to allow a user to switch between different keyboard layouts. It also covers the option to enforce a typing break, and explains the advantages of doing so.

14.1. Changing the Keyboard Layout

Although the installation program allows a system administrator to configure a keyboard layout during the system installation, the default settings may not always suit your current needs. Because of this, Fedora allows you to change the keyboard when you log in to the system.
To change the keyboard layout on the login screen, select your name from the list of available users, and click the pulldown list with the symbol of a keyboard that appears at the bottom of the screen. Unless the desired layout is already in the list, click the Other... option for the list of all available keyboard layouts.
Changing the keyboard layout
Changing the keyboard layout
Figure 14.1. Changing the keyboard layout

Alternatively, you can use the Keyboard Preferences utility as described in Section 14.2, “Using Multiple Keyboard Layouts”.