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10.6. Advanced Features of BIND

Most BIND implementations only use the named service to provide name resolution services or to act as an authority for a particular domain. However, BIND version 9 has a number of advanced features that allow for a more secure and efficient DNS service.

Important: Make Sure the Feature is Supported

Before attempting to use advanced features like DNSSEC, TSIG, or IXFR, make sure that the particular feature is supported by all nameservers in the network environment, especially when you use older versions of BIND or non-BIND servers.
All of the features mentioned are discussed in greater detail in the BIND 9 Administrator Reference Manual referenced in Section 10.8.1, “Installed Documentation”.

10.6.1. Multiple Views

Optionally, different information can be presented to a client depending on the network a request originates from. This is primarily used to deny sensitive DNS entries from clients outside of the local network, while allowing queries from clients inside the local network.
To configure multiple views, add the view statement to the /etc/named.conf configuration file. Use the match-clients option to match IP addresses or entire networks and give them special options and zone data.