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10.4.3. Reloading the Configuration and Zones

To reload both the configuration file and zones, type the following at a shell prompt:
~]# rndc reload
server reload successful
This will reload the zones while keeping all previously cached responses, so that you can make changes to the zone files without losing all stored name resolutions.
To reload a single zone, specify its name after the reload command, for example:
~]# rndc reload localhost
zone reload up-to-date
Finally, to reload the configuration file and newly added zones only, type:
~]# rndc reconfig

Note: Modyfying Zones with Dynamic DNS

If you intend to manually modify a zone that uses Dynamic DNS (DDNS), make sure you run the freeze command first:
~]# rndc freeze localhost
Once you are finished, run the thaw command to allow the DDNS again and reload the zone:
~]# rndc thaw localhost
The zone reload and thaw was successful.