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7.3. Files for the Tutorial

These tutorial files represent the material required to create a finished version of a song called "Here Is How," written by Esther Wheaton. The song was released as part of her first album, "Not Legendary," and she has released the source files for this song under !!I!! this licence (probably CC-BY-SA) !!I!! For more information on the artist, please refer to her Esther Wheaton's MySpace Page, available at
The material presented for your use is a folder containing an Ardour file and the associated audio files required to start the tutorial. The tutorial itself comprises the following sections about editing, mixing, and mastering (or exporting). The program used to record the audio files split the left and right channels into separate files, so they are imported into Ardouras separate regions. Therefore, the setup is more complex than it would be if the song were originally recorded in Ardour, but this gives the opportunity to learn in greater detail about busses, creating and using the stereo image, and volume level adjustments.
The unique setup also means that none of the audio regions are in the right place on the timeline, and most of them require extensive editing. This would be bad if the objective of the tutorial were to create a finished version of the song as quickly as possible; but the objective is to learn how to use Ardour, and this is almost guaranteed.
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