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An List is a Collection with an infinite maximum size. It is the programmer's responsibility to maintain a meaningful order, and to remember the meaning of the data. Data in a List is called "elements," each of which is assigned a specific "index number." Index numbers begin at 0. Any mix of Objects can be stored in a List, including a List. Lists and Arrays are very similar, but SuperCollider manages some of the dirty work for you, when you use the List Class. Building a List
There are four methods which instantiate a List. These are all "Class methods," meaning they do not operate on a specific List, but can be used to make any List.
  • creates a List. You can also specify the initial number of elements as an argument, if you choose.
  • List.newClear( x ) creates a List with x number of slots, filled with nil.
  • List.copyInstance( aList ) creates a List which is a copy of aList.
  • List.newUsing( anArray ) creates a List with the same elements as anArray.